Intellisense errors in dx.h

Aug 24, 2014 at 3:59 PM
I'm running Visual Studio 2013 with Update 3 RTM (2013.3).

While browsing dx.h I notice Intellisense is having a bit of a hissy-fit, throwing red squigglies all over the place starting from line 1120 that introduces the following code:
struct SizeU

        explicit SizeU(unsigned const width  = 0,
                       unsigned const height = 0) :

        unsigned Width;
        unsigned Height;
Red squigglies appear under KENNYKERR_DEFINE_STRUCT with the tool tip showing "Error: explicit type is missing ('int' assumed). Squigglies also appear under the explicit keyword with the tool-tip showing "Error: expected a ';'.

Everything compiles fine so it seems clear that the problem lies with the Intellisense engine rather than Kenny's carefully-crafted code. I could turn off Intellisense error reporting from VS Options but I'm a hobbyist C++ learner and Intellisense helps me quickly spot errors.

Is this a case of Kenny using modern techniques and the Intellisense engine lagging behind the C++ standard updates and unable to parse some of the newer syntax seen in C++11 / C++14 code?