Project Description
dx.h is a modern C++ library that aims to simplify DirectX-related development in C++.

It’s designed to make DirectX programming elegant and fun without sacrificing performance. There’s no documentation yet, but a growing collection of samples should get you started. It focuses on Direct2D but also includes support for Direct3D, DXGI, DirectWrite, the Windows Imaging Component (WIC), and the Windows Animation Manager (WAM).

dx.h is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (both desktop and Windows Store projects), and Windows Phone 8. The Direct2D 1.0 subset should even work on Windows Vista.

For in-depth Direct2D training, please check out Direct2D Fundamentals. For a crash course in DirectX programming, and even more Direct2D training, check out Direct2D Fundamentals – Part 2.

dx.h was created by Kenny Kerr.

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